US Brand Launch Campaign

Filling the market gap and galvanizing into the next Gen of beauty consumers, Allkinds approached SEEN to bring their bath, body and selfcare brand specifically made for Generation A, to the US market. SEEN was tasked in creating a diverse integrated influencer marketing campaign to bring the joy of Allkinds to life on social.

Identifying eight diverse content creators, split between parents and tweens alike, the energy and ethos of Allkinds was brought to life through highly engaging video content featuring a vast range of product from their bath and body product collections. From internet stars Mila & Katie Stauffer to tween comedian Ava Ryan, each creator produce content true to themselves to “own their own awesomeness” and bring the Allkinds world to their hyper engaged communities.

The campaign garnered 2.1M social media impressions, $285.5K in EMV and 873K in total reach.  At the height of campaign activity, the brand saw a 60% increase in organic social traffic in addition to a 25% increase in website browsing sessions.