Community X SEEN is a visionary collective of beauty changemakers who believe, like us, that joining together is a way to make real change. It’s a proprietary network of beauty enthusiasts, nurtured, informed and collaborated with by SEEN Works as a living hub of beauty insight, opinion and perspective – as well as a creative force for content creation. Through our Community, we are able to showcase the people who count today, and those who will count tomorrow. Community x SEEN is an open invitation to everyone who believes in using their voice to make beauty a fairer and more inclusive place. Join us! for an opportunity to participate in some of our pioneering projects.

ALicia lartey

Bio-med graduate and aesthetician in training Alicia Lartey is represented as part of Community x SEEN Talent. Positioning Alicia as the Gen-Z skincare oracle and science-orientated skinfluencer, SEEN has secured widespread coverage and brand partnership opportunities for Alicia, cementing her position as a major new voice in the world of beauty.

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“Working with SEEN has opened up the world of beauty media to me and given me the opportunity to be featured in publications I have grown up reading.”

— Alicia Lartey

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