The Simple Truth

Simple challenged SEEN Works to create an agenda-setting report with exclusive data, to inspire press in their storytelling.

As a team we are passionate about storytelling and cutting through misinformation to empower consumers and inspire confidence in the beauty industry, so we were thrilled when Simple tasked us with creating their first Simple Truth Report. Simple has always been about honesty and formulating with ingredients that are proven and efficacious, nothing more, nothing less, and so are well positioned to be the Truth Tellers of the industry.

Our Task

The purpose of The Simple Truth report is to take an analytical look at the industry, identify where consumers feel let down, and uncover the things that make them feel great, their non-negotiable ingredients, and the positive changes they’re eager to see come to life. The results would need to be surprising and compelling enough to inspire beauty journalists in their stories, and to reaffirm Simple’s reputation as a voice of reason, offering an alternative to trendy but unproven ingredients and sensationalist claims.

Going to the Source

To understand how consumers really feel about the beauty industry we went to the source. We partnered with Savanta Group Limited to survey more than 2,000 consumers over the age of 18.

We began by formulating our dream headlines to get an understanding of the kinds of insights we would need from our pool of respondents, which then allowed us to craft a comprehensive dossier of questions that enquired about shopping, skincare, and regiment behaviours, as well as more thoughtful and purposeful topics that consumers feel passionately about, such as inclusivity and sustainability commitments.

Creating the Report

Armed with our findings we worked closely with the Simple team and Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme, Founder and Medical Director of Adonia Medical Clinic, to create the report. We explored consumer’s attitudes to the brands they purchase from, their frustrations with the industry at-large, the ingredients they’re loyal to, and the ingredients and techniques they simply find far too confusing. The Simple Truth Report became a comprehensive deep dive into consumer behaviours and desires, the myths confounding us all, and the Simple innovations and ongoing mission to expertly care for skin without hype and misinformation.

Sharing the News

Once the report was finalised our seasoned comms experts took the findings out to press with impressive results. We exceeded our coverage KPI by 212.5% with a total reach of 47,626,413 across 17 titles with dedicated features in Marie Claire, Country and Townhouse, and Women’s Health, and leading narrative in Grazia.