Garnier — Garnier Street Market / The Garnier Greengrocer

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In 2020 SEEN imagined and produced Garnier’s first ever street market concept. Inspired by the brand’s French heritage and the many ingredients featured in the brand’s 2020 product launches, the event served editors, influencers and retailers with a unique opportunity to both ‘shop the collection’ and ‘shop the market’ – reducing the amount of product that is sent out in line with the brand’s sustainability initiatives. This unique experience resulted in impactful in-the-moment social sharing, as well as important and sustained coverage throughout the year.

In 2021, with the restrictions of Covid-19 but with the love for the original concept still strong, SEEN pivoted the idea into a hyper-personalised digital execution and created The Garnier Greengrocer, an online organic food store, which allowed the same audiences to browse the ‘virtual aisles’ and discover the Garnier 2021 collection, once more resulting in more brand fame for its clever and impactful launch concepts and high conversion of placements.

The Garnier Street Market 2020

The Online Garnier Greengrocer 2021