Understanding the desire and brand objective to launch the new Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protector Lotion via two activations designed to facilitate compelling creator content and drive significant local buzz, community engagement and brand awareness, SEEN concepted the “Shiseido Ultimate Sun Club.” A modern spin on The Country Club that cemented the new product as a must-have among those with an active lifestyle while tying the brand to local sports initiatives in Atlanta and Southern Florida.

SEEN applied our deep-rooted understanding of the beauty creator to create itineraries that provided ample opportunities for content creation, positioned the new product as a must have amongst their active lifestyle target demographic in key regions. Knowing what inspires content capture and instant sharing, dynamic life-size product displays and shoppable merchandize stands were featured at both locations allowing attendees to interact with the new product while the interactive branded displays propelled social sharing with the brand logo at the forefront of all content.

Tapping into the iconic Masters Tournament, The Bobby Jones Golf Course in Atlanta played host to the first activation providing sixty creators with semi-private golf lessons before a lunch reception. Leveraging, Shiseido Brand Ambassador and World Pickleball Champion, Anna Leigh Waters, we capitalized on the booming pickleball community in Southern Florida and identified exclusive Boca Raton as our second venue. Thirty creators received lessons from the club’s pros before putting their skills to the test in a competition to win a chance to challenge, Anna Leigh Waters. The Boca Raton event concluded with an intimate lunch at the Japanese Bocce Club, tapping into the brand’s Japanese roots.