30 Seconds To Soothe - TikTok Content Series

TikTok creators aren’t just setting the latest skincare trends; they also drive significant awareness for brands. 

With all industries vying for virality among the platform’s users, Avène was able to utilize TikTok to broaden brand awareness through creative, comedic, and educational content promoting the launch of Tolérance Control Collection into Ulta Beauty. 

We concepted, planned, and executed Avène’s #30SecondstoSoothe campaign, which ultimately featured 25 creatives across various subcategories: DermTok, Skintellectual, Comedy, Moms of TikTok, Ulta Sales-Drivers, and ASMRtists. The content – designed and curated by us – spoke to the Tolérance Control Soothing Skin Recovery Cream’s immediate results, proven benefits, and innovative, Sterile Cosmetics packaging. Breaking through the always-evolving TikTok trends with viral videos highlighting, both verbally and visually, the magic of the cream’s #30SecondstoSoothe benefits allowed the brand to further connect with the campaign’s most engaged viewers: Females, 35 – 65+.

Working with unexpected personalities, multi-talented creatives, and trusted dermatologists, Avène successfully introduced the brand to TikTok and vastly expanded their community resulting in viral videos racking up 6.7M+ hashtag views – measured by the brand’s unique #30SecondstoSoothe hashtag – alongside 7.4M+ total views and 9.6% overall engagement rate.